Bicycles since 1923

An artisan activity born between the two great wars of the 20th century and over the years has become an industrial reality based on traditional production systems.

Today it is an entrepreneurial reality committed to intercepting the changing needs of the market in the context of global challenges, in the bicycle sector and beyond.

In fact, among the main objectives of the F.lli Schiano company is the production of bicycles that are increasingly harmonious in their frame shapes, beautiful to look at, reliable and safe.

Each of the activities necessary to achieve this goal is carried out, not only within the framework of precise quality procedures, but also in consideration of precise indications aimed at protecting the environment. After all, we believe that the bicycle, an ecological means of transport by definition, can be considered truly ecological if everything leading up to its realisation is first designed and then executed in such a way as to minimise the environmental impact that such activities entail.

Gruppo Schiano - Fotovoltaico


Why You Choose Us?

Handicraft activity

Founded at the beginning of the 20th century and become over the years an industrial reality based on traditional production systems.


Production and use of energy from renewable sources for its own premises

Research and development

One of the main objectives is the production of increasingly harmonious frame shapes, reliable and safe bikes.

foto storica biciclette Fratelli Schiano

Research & Development

In recent years, Fratelli Schiano has not only implemented several research projects in partnership with Universities and Research Centres (excelling at a European level), but has also made investments in the production of energy from renewable sources; in particular, all premises are powered by photovoltaic systems, avoiding the emission of about 200,000 kg of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere per year.



It all began in 1923, when the young and dynamic engineer Mario Schiano, aged just 21, designed and built his first bicycle for a friend. It was the viaticum towards the birth of a craft workshop dedicated to the production of bicycles and the maintenance of machines for the agricultural sector. The latter sector was later abandoned in order to devote all passion and effort to the most environmentally friendly two-wheeler in history.


The workshop remained as such until the 1960s when his son Raffaello took over the reins and, using his design/technological skills on the one hand and his father Mario's know-how on the other, made it as flexible as it was responsive to market demands. The result? A bicycle every 108 seconds: a record for the time.


The 1970s were decisive for us and the world of bicycles. After several months in which our laboratories studied new ideas for the production of bicycles, the 'condorino' model was launched on the market, perfect for classic afternoon rides as it was light, agile and resistant. What's more, its smoothness allows you to pedal in comfort even on the most difficult routes. Thanks to the 'condorino', the Schiano brand has established itself nationwide. After all, the elegant and minimalist style of this model is exactly what has always distinguished our bikes.


The affirmation of our brand in Italy served as a spur for us to keep improving. Raffaello Schiano, using his technical and design skills to adapt the entire company infrastructure to the changes taking place, automated several processes with the result of elevating it to such an efficient industry that it was able to operate first in the domestic market and then in the international market, supplying distributors in Spain, Greece, France and North Africa, taking our brand around the world. Brand of Italian origin: a synonym of guarantee for quality and safety.


The 1990s saw the boom of the mountain-bike, a bicycle designed to be ridden off city streets, uphill and downhill. Faced with these changes in the market, our group was not unprepared and - with the strength of our Italian connotation - during this period we had a considerable increase in exports, making the Schiano group brand internationally recognisable.


2006 is an important year for our group. Mario, Consiglia and Antonio Schiano, all three of Raffaello's children, took over the management of the company with the aim of offering all their skills on the one hand and acting as the glue between tradition and innovation on the other. It is no coincidence that they were able to correctly interpret the needs of the reference market by combining - over the years - the production of bicycles with successful brands. To do this, a production division was set up with ad hoc licences branded S.S.C. Napoli S.p.a., S.S. Lazio S.p.a., A.S. Roma. S.p.a., F.I.G.C. Nazionale Italiana di Calcio (in 2006 Italy won the World Cup), Blue Dragon, Twin Princess, Idaten Jump


In 2013 we celebrated the 90th year of our business. It could not be and was not just any 'birthday'. In recognition of the quality of our work over the years, we received several awards from local institutions. The 90th anniversary was also one of the reasons that led to the creation of an ad hoc logo to testify to the Schiano family's enduring commitment to the production of bicycles from the very beginning. A commitment of which we are extremely proud.


It is a special year for bicycles, which have established themselves as the means of transport par excellence and the most environmentally friendly. And it is precisely on energy saving and environmental sustainability that our business is based. In terms of bicycle production, we have come up with a new collection: the SCH BIKE COLLECTION. A collection designed to meet the needs of bicycle lovers and rediscover the joy of cycling in the midst of nature. The graphic elaboration of the sketches, the computer-aided frame design and the production are imbued with the Italian spirit that is the distinctive character of the collection's models. In addition, the SCH BIKE COLLECTION range includes the E-SCH line, consisting of pedal-assist bicycles suitable for long rides in the city or in nature without producing pollution and protecting the environment. An environment that the Schiano group holds so close to its heart that all its premises are powered by photovoltaic systems, avoiding the emission of around 200,000 kg of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year.


F.lli Schiano strengthens its position in international markets, thanks to the outlet on internet channels, Amazon, Ebay, and thanks to the creation of e-commerce platforms for both B2B and B2C online sales. It structures itself for direct sales abroad, through quality partners such as Brandon Ferrari, one of the best start-ups in the field of brand promotion, an award-winning company for its positioning work on international marketplaces. Always important is the participation in the major trade fairs of the bicycle world, where F.lli Schiano expands its catalogue from time to time, always presenting new models to the public of all ages. The success of the new Bici Bambino, Runner and Pink Love lines has brought excellent results in the leading markets of the sector.


F.lli Schiano's consolidation process in Italy and Europe is studded with new milestones and partnerships: in 2020, Schiano will become Amazon's supplier for bicycle distribution in Europe and the official supplier of Decathlon. The company, with an ecological and innovative vision, launched a crowdfunding campaign in July for the Aton bike, the result of the collaboration between F.lli Schiano and Spearoad, an innovative start-up that won the Start-up Award 2018 at the Eurobike trade fair


100 years after its foundation, Gruppo Schiano is increasing its presence on the market for muscle and electric bicycles, not being unprepared for the increase in demand for sustainable mobility means.

The end user is served through strategic partnerships with the main international operators in the field of retail sales and distribution (QVC, Amazon, Decathlon).

Furthermore, Gruppo Schiano is also established in the market for the production and distribution of branded products. Several licensing agreements have been signed, including the most recent one with the multinational Hasbro for the PEPPA PIG and PJ MASKS brands.

2023 is also the year in which the Schiano Group fully enters the market of sustainable mobility services. In fact, after research and development, the company has equipped itself with an innovative bike sharing system